Listed below is a selection of recent sermons from Denton Burn Methodist Church, which you are free to listen to by pressing the play button, or alternatively download to your computer to listen to later.

We hope you enjoy them and find them useful!


13th January 2019 - Rev Derek Aldridge

20th January 2019 - Rev Tim Woolley - The Wedding at Cana

27th January 2019 - Alan Golphin  

3rd February 2019 - Rev Tim Woolley - What the world needs now... 

10th February 2019 - Geoff Orrock 

24th February 2019 - Maureen Ridley 

10th March 2019 - Ann Cooper 


16th December 2018 - Carol Service joint with Word of Grace Fellowship

18th November 2018 - Rev Maureen Lloyd

4th November 2018 - Rev Jona Sewell 



"28th October 2018 - Jesus says: What do you want me to do for you?" - Rev. Tim Woolley

"June 2018 Sermon series on evangelism - Week 2 - Not in my Strength - Acts 2" - Rev. Tim Woolley, Sun 10th June 2018

"Sheep and Goats and Grafting In" - Rev. Tim Woolley, Sun 23rd Nov 2014

"Grains on the Ground" - Rev. Tim Woolley, Sun 22nd March 2015

"The Holy Spirit - Acts and Actions" - Rev. Tim Woolley, Sun 24th May (Pentecost Sunday)